Block Media is a small, versatile publishing company with a passion for creating publications that inspire, inform and challenge our readers. We produce creative magazines to meet demand in carefully identified niche areas.

We build great teams to compile inspiring and practical content that is delivered in print and through supporting digital platforms.

People love reading magazines. And we love making them.

Creating content

We invest heavily in content. We have built up a wide network of writers and photographers in the regions we cover. This ensures a rich supply of high quality content that will inspire and inform readers.


Block Media was founded with an equal understanding of and passion for editorial and advertising. We know that advertising allows us to buy content, print and distribute the magazines. Each of our magazines has a niche audience, which means our advertising content is important to our readers. We work closely with our readers and advertisers to ensure the advertising is relevant and effective. Advertising is linked across all print and digital platforms.

The accessibility of digital

Technology offers excellent opportunity to distribute information to a wide audience quickly and cheaply. Our magazines are published as print, e-mag and online versions to make them as easy as possible to access.

The value of print

Despite the convenience of digital distribution, we are fully committed to print. A printed magazine provides a tactile experience that is personal, and allows us to create content that has a strong integrity and authenticity. Our magazines all have a printed version at their heart.


  • Publishing

  • Editorial

  • Design

  • Print

  • Events Management

  • Photography

  • Video

  • Digital Marketing




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